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    2010 - 10.28

    “Why change a thing?” <Grasshopper Y>

    “Uh, have you seen how drunk on creation we are?” <Ant m>

    “That show says ‘Winter is Coming!’, but we all see that fall is going to last quite a long time. Do you think we have enough food and water for the November snow that the Oracle warned us about?” <Ant R>

    <insert more script about why here>

    we envision a world where discussions about Youtube videos are enlightening
    where online rage can be vented safely; so no troll or person actually get burnt
    and understanding can be grown between peoples; like hot strands of cheese
    where online agreement can be brought to the forefront of our peaceful & sustainable economy
    where fake news, good news, bad news, future news, and ancient news can be discussed freely
    we would Love, if the Arts were the last armed “warfare”; but aren’t holding our breath, usually

    a world where our disagreements can be expressed with each other; without more than a fist fight

    values: peace; freedom; fun

    mission: expand perspective

    the time is now


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