AgentQuesto – Question Everything

Scott Lewis

We started this, with a little help from our friends.
I am a systems analyst and shy entrepreneur.
We think we are designing a game to host the argument channel.
We hope we can talk about our differences and put down the weapons of insecurity and hatred.


Available services:

During our rebuilding credit phase Scott is available for contracts or sessions in the following services:

Skilled Labor ($28/hour) Rainscreen, Scaffolding, Siding (aka Saws, Hammers, Snips, and Air Tools)
WordPress Consultant ($35/hour) Content/Plugin management, photo editing, backups, marketing strategy
Dancer ($15/hour or all access pass to dance event)
Software design, requirements, testing ($100/hour or shares)
Software & Database Java, javascript, SQL ($180/hour or shares)
Human Resource Spy hire me to blend in with your staff and get intel on morale, politics, and slackers (rates vary)
Acupressure, breathwork, business coaching, poker dealer (by donation or trade)
Automation, Change, Inventory, and Service Management Consulting (CA product lineup) ($USD 145/hour + expenses)

Work History