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    2009 - 11.02

    The role:
    As Executive Director I work with our Directors to design, code, and test our product.

    I exemplify the values of peaceful engagement, free expression, and fun loving nature.

    I will be fully present during the hiring panel of new Directors.

    I will be responsible for executing the removal of Directors, as determined by our Members or Directors.

    I will direct our software team in my role as lead Tester, until such time as a Director of Quality Assurance is brought on board.

    Executive Director: jazzmann91 (Scott Lewis)

    Free thinker, systems analyst, programmer, art lover, spirited dancer, and game designer.

    I am successful when I am intensely autonomous, peacefully influential, and intimately creative.

    My question is: how can I inspire loving debate?

    The stand that I am is Conscientious Mirror.

    I am called to play powerfully with peace.

    I have studied: music, philosophy, religion, and computer science.

    I am studying: acupressure, community building, counselling, meditation, game design, and leadership.

    I have worked at: a newspaper, a fast-food giant, a gourmet burger joint, a tea garden, a mentoring software corporation, a large, government-contracted, software corporation, and a change management software startup.

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