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    Defining a Society via Startup

    2015 - 01.17

    Defining a society using startup mentality.

    1. Elevator pitch
      When it comes to politics does this resonate with you?

      or have you abandoned your public responsibilities and become an apathetic non-particpant?
      or do you work inside the corrupt system with a strong belief you can make a difference?
      We want you!
      We want your anger, your apathy, your ideology!!
      We want to provide you a framework for expressing your core values that doesn’t require any popularity contest winners, or experts, or authority figures of any kind.
      We trust you to be your own authority on what matters to you!
    2. Problem
      Corruption is an infection. Popularity is a grade school method for picking a leader. We don’t need popular liars to lead us, we need the people who can look in their own hearts and make decisions that are best for our collective future.
    3. Solution
      We are the solution. Our votes will all be counted.
    4. Market
      Passionate political people and their antithesis: the apathetic
    5. Business Model
      Membership subscriptions
      Advertising and no-add subscriptions (later)
      Virtual goods (later)
    6. Marketing Plan
      Play testing local, in-person version.
      Student access at Canadian Universites & Colleges before mass market
    7. Directors
      Now accepting volunteers (eventual paid positions)