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Status update

06.09.2018 (4:56 pm) – Filed under: blog

it’s 8:40 am Friday morning. I’ve accepted payment for services rendered, sent out the morning web: updates; emails; and made coffee for my lover.

it’s pouring cold drops of clear fresh water outside.

the Librarian stirs the air waves

“what’s next?”

sometimes we gotta build up to take it down
the scaffold is packed for transport #sixwords
fetch was in full control of #sixwords
cut was an axe man near #sixwords
copy was an ever present challenge #sixwords
create was an architects dream of #sixwords
one plus one is three and #sixwords
sixty four shoes on the beach #sixwords

feet warm and wet with anticipation #sixwords


welcome to AgentQuesto

05.03.2018 (5:41 pm) – Filed under: blog

Welcome to AgentQuesto.

Web/Android application in development.
A highly engaging comments section.

any questions or messages can be sent to agentquesto [at] gmail [dot] com

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