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    without safety nets

    2017 - 01.05

    As a kid growing up, I said I wanted to be a garbageman. #dilbertPhilosopher

    Because they only work one day a week. Boy, was I mistaken #lazyYouth

    As an adult software engineer, I am #learning with every stiff muscle, and deep bruise how much #work goes into keeping a construction yard “tidy”.

    I’m also enjoying the chance to work independently, and as a team. #hrDribble

    I can drive a large truck. Thank science for those taillight cameras. #theism

    I like working with a pile of tasks, more than strict deadlines. #duhwell

    I learn quickly what garbage is, and move a bewildering variety of products #2TheBins

    The social environment is friendly, with many beards, and cigarettes.

    I get up early to get a bus. More #yoga moves, in the morning, would help me stay limber.

    I don’t have social media on my phone, and i hardly make any texts or calls. #introvery

    I have $10 and will find a way. #magic