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    Happy Holidays

    2016 - 12.28

    From all of us at QCS we hope you are having a wonderfully argumentative holidays.

    We continue to enroll our most important and helpful people in our lives.

    We wish you much clarity.

    We wish you much cohesiveness.

    We wish you much love and understanding.

    Peace inn, “hello”.

    unintended stealth mode

    2016 - 12.24

    unintended stealth mode … by confusion.

    Painting a clear vision of a product is better than making a full functioning prototype.

    Building a product is as easy as enrolling others.

    My vision, determination, and heart keep me going.

    My community accepts me as a special unicorn.


    I have a near empty account. Rent comes from unfamiliar pockets. I’m may try the food bank for the first time.

    I sent out an email last year asking for support. If I get a dozen replies, I’ll consider it a success.

    My speed of failure is improving. My ability to accept is improving. My momentum moves at the speed of gratitude and my gratitude grows.


    Giving up is not an option. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”