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    2015 - 09.02

    Well positioned polluting companies need to end pollution. However, we still need new pipelines; in both directions.

    Better pipeline sensors. Better clean up response times. Less water intensive bitumen processing. Better ships that are prepared to contain their own mess.  An agreement to build pipelines for water from the pacific coast to BC interior/Alberta/prairies, as climate changes. Let us expand pipeline companies and get into the solar/wind/geothermal powered pump stations.

    Oil companies want to stay alive. We don’t want to starve.  I think we can come to a beneficial agreement that: makes a tonne of jobs, and makes the people happy.  Things are changing fast. If water disappears, we will need strategies for getting it there.  Be heroes instead of villains. We all know that companies can’t deliver the buried sunshine of yesterday forever, so give us the desalinized water of tomorrow.