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    2014 - 07.16

    is it a terrible web address or a better name than question collector for a forum?

    pitch as seen at http://www.debatecolosseum.com

    other updates:
    crowdfunding campaign is being planned.
    art show party to launch my vision tentatively scheduled for Oct 18, 2014

    Concept Introduction

    2013 - 01.11

    a force for peace, freedom, & making politics fun.

    a neutral playground for free speech;
    a diary of our political, religious, and/or other stance(s);
    an emotional filtration of thought

    People first privacy
    Your right to text:
    What you want,
    When you want,
    To whom you want is our top priority.

    Emotional Filtration
    Avoid attitudes that annoy you.
    ex: fear based slander
    ex: wishy washy feel-good
    ex: doom and gloom

    Find enemies to debate. Stand for your truth(s).


    Thanks for checking us out, new material coming soon.