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    2017 - 01.05

    As a kid growing up, I said I wanted to be a garbageman. #dilbertPhilosopher

    Because they only work one day a week. Boy, was I mistaken #lazyYouth

    As an adult software engineer, I am #learning with every stiff muscle, and deep bruise how much #work goes into keeping a construction yard “tidy”.

    I’m also enjoying the chance to work independently, and as a team. #hrDribble

    I can drive a large truck. Thank science for those taillight cameras. #theism

    I like working with a pile of tasks, more than strict deadlines. #duhwell

    I learn quickly what garbage is, and move a bewildering variety of products #2TheBins

    The social environment is friendly, with many beards, and cigarettes.

    I get up early to get a bus. More #yoga moves, in the morning, would help me stay limber.

    I don’t have social media on my phone, and i hardly make any texts or calls. #introvery

    I have $10 and will find a way. #magic


    Happy Holidays

    2016 - 12.28

    From all of us at QCS we hope you are having a wonderfully argumentative holidays.

    We continue to enroll our most important and helpful people in our lives.

    We wish you much clarity.

    We wish you much cohesiveness.

    We wish you much love and understanding.

    Peace inn, “hello”.

    unintended stealth mode

    2016 - 12.24

    unintended stealth mode … by confusion.

    Painting a clear vision of a product is better than making a full functioning prototype.

    Building a product is as easy as enrolling others.

    My vision, determination, and heart keep me going.

    My community accepts me as a special unicorn.


    I have a near empty account. Rent comes from unfamiliar pockets. I’m may try the food bank for the first time.

    I sent out an email last year asking for support. If I get a dozen replies, I’ll consider it a success.

    My speed of failure is improving. My ability to accept is improving. My momentum moves at the speed of gratitude and my gratitude grows.


    Giving up is not an option. “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”



    emotional design method

    2016 - 05.20

    We are a non-profit society to build and manage a technological framework for democratic discussion.

    We are currently forming our community, and a prototype is being fleshed out using Meteor (javascript platform).

    The following prezi presentation outlines our design concept for an emotional basis of understanding.

    In case the slides don’t make sense here are some additional explanations for what we propose:

    eMAY – eMotional rAting sYstem
    Loosely based on the chakras emotional energy centers. Each of the seven colors represent the most broad emotional responses. These will be the borders within our society.  We will respect what each person feels, and allow their full expression. We will not censor anyone, but you may.  Filtration is the future.  In many ways we already exist in our filtered bubbles, but too often it is outright censorship that blocks humanities chance to unite, and cast off the shackles of constant war and terror.

    how eMAY applies to topic categories
    The colors match the emotions to the topics. Instead of following corruptible people in popularity contests, you will be able to follow the topics that matter to you. To represent yourself and fight for what matters to you.

    how eMAY applies to privacy
    Privacy is becoming one of the most important rights of a hyper connected society. When you play with us, you will be able to speak to those you desire to share your message with. Of course, there will be deaf ears and blind eyes, but maybe your message will get through to enough to turn the tide.  You will be able to listen to those who desire to share a message with you. You will be able to tune out those you wish to remain ignorant of. Some might say this is dangerous, but what we have now is even more dangerous. Apathy and corruption have led our entire civilization to the brink of world-wide catastrophe.  It is time to open our voices and our ears and realize we have no enemy, but isolation and fear induced by the leaders who refuse to lead with love and courage.

    how eMAY applies to the roles people will act in
    Participation comes in many forms. Everyone begins as witness. Listen and read and you exercise your power. Write and speak and you exercise your power. Vote on an issue and you exercise your power. Moderate and you support the power of argument to reach solution. Translate and cross cultural and emotional borders and the fear and anger will dissipate. Be the comedian or critic and bring truth to light. Your action determines your political destiny, and many will continue to take up the roles they are already living, but when the Apathetic come alive, and feel empowered to show what they care about; I get the feeling our “leaders” will have to start doing their jobs again.

    Thanks for checking us out. I’d love to hear feedback or questions.

    Defining a Society via Startup

    2015 - 01.17

    Defining a society using startup mentality.

    1. Elevator pitch
      When it comes to politics does this resonate with you?

      or have you abandoned your public responsibilities and become an apathetic non-particpant?
      or do you work inside the corrupt system with a strong belief you can make a difference?
      We want you!
      We want your anger, your apathy, your ideology!!
      We want to provide you a framework for expressing your core values that doesn’t require any popularity contest winners, or experts, or authority figures of any kind.
      We trust you to be your own authority on what matters to you!
    2. Problem
      Corruption is an infection. Popularity is a grade school method for picking a leader. We don’t need popular liars to lead us, we need the people who can look in their own hearts and make decisions that are best for our collective future.
    3. Solution
      We are the solution. Our votes will all be counted.
    4. Market
      Passionate political people and their antithesis: the apathetic
    5. Business Model
      Membership subscriptions
      Advertising and no-add subscriptions (later)
      Virtual goods (later)
    6. Marketing Plan
      Play testing local, in-person version.
      Student access at Canadian Universites & Colleges before mass market
    7. Directors
      Now accepting volunteers (eventual paid positions)