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    2014 - 11.06


    wtf, are you doing here? how did you come to visit this page? is there something you are looking for in the world that doesn’t exist? that’s why this page exists. i’m aiming to change the political world, by providing a neutral option for people to express that which really matters? i don’t care if you’re racist, homophobic, satanist, or some other terrible moniker. i just want peace for all. where peace is a state of non-war, non-militarism, and passive control. if you want to kill white homosexuals who worship the flying spaghetti monster, this isn’t the site for you. we want non-violence, besides sport, and consensual bdsm. consider the next three questions:

    • do you want peace?
    • do have you a shortage of freedom to express the values that you want to live by?
    • do you want to have fun, AND be a part of something that makes the world a better place?

    if you have answers to any of these questions, please consider putting your email address in at, my current failure at marketing, http://www.debatecolosseum.com/

    i welcome all haters, and lovers. please comment or share this page if you feel so inclined. hugz

    Debate Colosseum

    2014 - 07.16

    is it a terrible web address or a better name than question collector for a forum?

    pitch as seen at http://www.debatecolosseum.com

    other updates:
    crowdfunding campaign is being planned.

    Concept Introduction

    2013 - 01.11

    a force for peace, freedom, & making politics fun.

    a neutral playground for free speech;
    a diary of our political, religious, and/or other stance(s);
    an emotional filtration of thought

    People first privacy
    Your right to text:
    What you want,
    When you want,
    To whom you want is our top priority.

    Emotional Filtration
    Avoid attitudes that annoy you.
    ex: fear based slander
    ex: wishy washy feel-good
    ex: doom and gloom

    Find enemies to debate. Stand for your truth(s).


    Thanks for checking us out, new material coming soon.