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    2015 - 10.01

    My fellow humans,

    In our exuberance for growth we have adopted a policy of burn first, ask questions later. This policy is maddening the Sky. The Sky has whispered it to the Ocean and now it’s anger is also rising. The Land who’s anger is slow to rise, has also heard the call. Our only hope is to harness the Sun and work together to right the wrongs we have committed, before the Elements sends the purge message to the Sun.

    If you have some spiritual or religious beliefs, you would do well to heed the warnings and prophecies that already exist in such traditions for what change will look like.  It is time to set aside our surface differences and lift each other up to solve the misdirection of energy crisis. It is time to stop raping the Land’s treasury of Sun energy, unless we want earthquakes to be more devastating.  It is time to stop spilling our waste and pollutants into the Ocean and Sky, unless we want mass flooding, super hurricanes, and massive climate change. It is time to take up the Sword of the Sun to create a sustainable peace on Earth. We can do it. I believe in us.

    Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

    Right now most of civilization is stuck between the bottom and Green levels of Maslow’s pyramid. Many of us are finding our way into the Blue, but inequality, greed, corruption, shame, and short-term-thinking keep many of us stuck.

    If we make a concerted effort to let go of our preconceived notions, to keep learning, and grow as our purpose intends, we can solve the mess we have made and continue to thrive with all of the other lifeforms on this planet.

    And when the time comes we will venture into space and we can begin the colonization race all over again.  The key is to put down war based on racism, sexism, nationalism, and most especially religion, and take up the war against pollution, poison, and patriarchy.

    There is one other war that is being waged around culture. Colonialism has erred in trying to eliminate and assimilate cultures. We need to accept and love our differences. If we put the goal of making life thrive at the base of all our cultures, there shouldn’t be any difficulty finding a new sustainable embrace with the mother of us all: Earth.