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giant carrots made of old cars

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this world is drafty
a semi-humid wind blows almost constantly
CarratCorp has landed 11 floating cities. 3 in Canada. 2 in Antarctica. 1 in Norway. 1 in Iceland. 1 on the Russian Chinese border. 1 on the Chilean Argentinian border. 1 in Australia. 1 in Eritrea. Each city contains 5-7 species of off-worlders. Mostly scientists, some tourists, some artists, strange pets, and a boatload of engineers.
Upon admitting an off-worlder presence in Orbit at Crystal Space Station One, most all the world had adapted to a huge shift in perspective. The stages were fairly predictable. World leaders seemed to have been preparing for this for a while. Except the US, Germany, China, Russia, Britain, Spain, and Japan; they were left in the dark until 48 hours before the announcement. Apparently, this was done to show how clueless Human Post-Industrial Intelligence was.

a game was added to the internet cuesea.ext
the game had an off switch, but the conditions were immense.
get 91% of users to agree to shut it off and delete all saved data.
the game exposed corruption.
the black mail games were quickly resolved and the true leaders of humanity came forward and took the reigns.

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